Pain and pressure

Patient: Pain and pressure in my perineum feel urge to push due to the pressure. I can hardly walk due to the pain and pressure I’m 15 weeks and 6 days pregnant

Symptoms: Pain and pressure in perineum, sick to stomach

Doctor: The abdominal aches and pressure symptoms that you are experiencing are common in pregnancy and affect many women. The p ressure in the perineum is the result of the baby growing in the limited space in the bony pelvis. As soon as the womb grows out of the bony pelvis which is around 14-15 weeks, things start getting better and hopefully in a couple of weeks i.e by the 17-18th week you will be relieved of the pressure symptoms entirely.The pains and aches in pregnancy are mainly due to pelvic girdle pressure or the stretching on the round ligaments which act as a harness on the growing uterus. Both these conditions are relieved by taking hot baths, local application of liniments or prenatal massages. If the pain is severe enough to compromise your daily activities, then you could speak to your doctor or midwife for a prescription of pregnancy safe pain killers and anti -spasmodics.These symptoms should get better in a couple of weeks but in the mean time if the suffering is unbearable, there is no harm in consulting a doctor about the same.