Pain and pressure on stomach

Patient: Hello, Im trying to get some info i wasnt sure if i should worrie or not.On 9-30-14 i replaced my brakes and rotors on my car and it was hard on me anyway after it was done i layed down for 25min and when i began to sit up i felt this massive pain across my stomach worse then pulling a muscle after 5min it went away then hours later i started to feel pressure on my side and stomach.Currently its 10-6-14 and i still feel a good amount or pressure on my stomach and side to the point itll make me feel like throwing up somtimes.I wasnt sure what to do but now it starting to make worrie alittle bit.Any advice would be gratefull.

Symptoms: Pain and pressure across my stomach and side

Doctor: Hi dear patient, I can understand pain by the side of stomach is very distressing and especially if it lasts for many d ays. A pulled abdominal muscle /muscle strain is generally due to small tears in the muscle fibres that occur during intense or high volume work and especially in your case when your abdominal muscles are put under stress that they are not used to the tearing damage that results from this causes the pain and pressure on stomach and side of it. These muscle tears can be mild to severe, and in severe cases you may be experiencing an hernia. You need to consult a physician and get physical examination done and if they suspect a hernia, take an MRI,CT or an ultrasound.