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Pain and swelling in knee

Patient: Well my knee was been swollen for over a week now and i tried everything ice and rest and elevation and medicine . The swelling seems to be getting worst , and the pain . I have been walking with a limp . I can’t put pressure on the knee . so what do i do about this ??



Symptoms: swelling , painful



Doctor: Thanks for consulting. Knee pain with swelling at this age is most commonly due to trauma. Either direct trauma to bony structures or ligament sprain can cause swelling and pain in the knee. As you have tried conservative measures as mentioned above and lapsed over a week days with out significant relief, consult orthopedician and follow his advice. May require MRI of knee to know exactly what is happening. Wish you speedy recovery.

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Guest: I’m having the same issue too. My knee has been swollen and bruised for more than 3 weeks or more. I wear a knee brace after school. I have elevated it to and and rested it. It is getting worse. I have a limp and I haven’t gone to the doctor yet

Guest: I stretched a ligament over a year ago and my knee is still bothering me. I recommend seeing a doctor about it to make sure nothing is serious. You could also keep off of it for a while using a wheel chair , crutches, or just staying home and resting. Advil,Tylenol, aleve, and ib progeny all work to help with swelling and sometimes the pain. You should either wrap or wear the right kind of brace on your knee to keep it in place just incase or to stop the swelling. Icing is also very helpful. Although it might be annoying it really helps. You should get a special ice machine. If you cannot get this machine you should get a special ice pack where you can either wrap it around your knee or slide your leg into it like a brace. Hope this helps! And feel better. I need se advice too could you answer some of my questions?

Guest: i have the same situation too, I am having a problem with my knee going down to my feet that is always swelling everyday,and the worst thing on it, my upper left hips is affected too,i can not sleep well everynight because of the pain,i had a visit before with a doctor and undergone x-ray but it’s normal and i had also physiotherapy but until now it’s not ok and getting worst.please help me what will i do.


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