Pain close to my stomach

Patient: My spleen(i think,not sure) gives me a lot of pain when i sneeze and cough,but not every time,only after i eat…any solutions ?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The pain you are experiencing in your abdomen may or may not be related to your spleen. The pain elicited by a problem with the spleen is often not only felt in the abdomen, but the pain is also referred to the left shoulder. Another possible cause of your pain could be related to your stomach since you experiencing it after you eat. Irritation of the stomach could lead to this type of pain after eating. Another possible cause of this pain could be due to muscle spasms of the intercostal muscles of your rib cage. This is commonly exacerbated by coughing or sneezing. We would like to rule out any serious internal organ etiology of your pain, and for this reason we would like you to have your doctor examine your abdomen to be certain. You may also need to undergo and abdominal ultrasound to assist the physician in visualizing any possible problems with your internal organs.Thank you for consulting