Pain In Abdomen That Increases On Leaning Forwards

Patient: Hello Doctor, I am having several epidoses of pain every day for the last 6 weeks in the central upper abdomen, this pain comes on in waves and sometimes is sharp and sometimes dull. If I lean forward or in certain directions it gets worse. It almost feels like a pain n my heart but Im not 100% sure as it is very hard to pinpoint. The pain is very inconsistent and its very hard to explain. I had similar pains in 2008 when I was hospitalized after a sever attack of pain, the doctors were 1 day away from removing my gallbladder when they tookk a second look, decided to double check by using a camera into my stomach and found a 2cm tear which they said caused the pain then discharged me with some antibiotics. Iam not vomiting at all, my stools are normal and I can function and work as normal. Im worried that whatever this is will only get worse if I dont cath it early as the pain levels are increasing by the day. I saw my doctor 28 days ago and recieved a course of tablets but they have done nothing, Hope you can help at all.

Doctor: Pain that increases on leaning forwards could be due to pancreatitis. Acute pancreatitis symptoms include upper abdomina l pain that moves to the back and worsens with eating. Vomiting, nausea and abdominal tenderness are other symptoms of acute pancreatitis. As the disease progresses, indigestion, weight loss and smelly stools can result. Some causes of pancreatitis include alcoholism, abdominal surgery, cystic fibrosis, ulcers and pancreatic cancer. I would suggest that you see your doctor to rule out pancreatitis. Treating pancreatitis involves avoiding food in order to rest the pancreas, receiving intravenous (through the vein) fluids and taking pain medications. Avoiding alcohol, receiving supplemental pancreatic enzymes, altering the diet and having surgery can also help manage pancreatitis.