Pain in back of right Testicle and abdomen past 1 month

Patient: I am 23 (M) unmarried.Last month 2nd Jan I felt pain in my right testicle.The pain was mild at that time. but increased next day. So I went to the doctor I had an ultrasound and I was diagnosed with epididymo-orchitis. . I was given by some anti-biotic for 2 weeks. It has been 1 month since taking the medicine, but didn’t get relief from the pain. Instead, pain was getting worst.From past 2 days, my right side of the abdomen also starts to paining and hurting badly, Its kind of like sharp pressure pain. There was a Pinch type pain in abdomen(pelvic area). I can’t even able to sit correctly in one position. It is very uncomfortable. it is constant pain in pelvic area. I am unmarried & I haven’t done any sexual activities till now. I am very worried about that i could able to be father in future.?Is the medicine i am taking is correct.?Am i have correct problem as diagnosed.. ? Or i have different medical problem. During this period i noticed that my right testis (which is bigger earlier) decrease/shrinkin size as compare to left testis. Please reply soon before I lose my testicle..

Symptoms: Pain in back of right Testicle and pinch like pain right side of abdomen(pelvic area).