Pain in chest when moving or taking deep breaths

Patient: My partner is complaining of pain in his left side in the rib cadge area , he says it hurts to move around and take deep breathes he’s been in this pain for around a day , he is also Asthma is that helps , thank you

Symptoms: Pain in left side when moving or taking deep breaths

Doctor: Thanks for consulting us. Chest pain on moving is musculoskeletal origin. If he has local tenderness (pain on pressure), it suggest that he has local trauma. Respiratory infections can also cause this kind of pain. If he has any symptoms like breathlessness, cough, fever it suggest respiratory infection. For relief of pain, can try hot fomentation, stretch exercises and pain killer medication available OTC. If he has any symptom suggestive of infection and acute exacerbation of Asthma, consult your physician for further advice. Have a nice day.