Pain in feet due to deep cracks in my feet

Patient: My feet have really deep cracks on the heal and they have turned black and have been like this for a little over a month and they still have not healed at all what do you think I should do?

Symptoms: Hurting heals

Doctor: HelloThank you for posting your query to ATDyou are having deep cracks on the heel and they have turned black sinc e one month.Such problem arises due to inadequate moisture to sole due to cold and exposure to water, harsh soap and sunlight. Lack of moisture leads to crack formation which is painful more on walking. Such cracks are filled in by dirt and catch fungal infection which may lead to discoloration of skin.You are advised to keep your feet most of the time covered in shoes. You may apply moisturizing creams and petroleum gels.You are advised to consult your doctor who may take proper history, examine, do the necessary investigations to rule out cause of such symptoms and may advise you proper treatment with antifungal ointments and anticrack creams.