Pain in hernia region

Patient: Hi this is manu, of age 26 years bearing weight 74 kg with 5.6 ht. I have gastric problem from 4-5yrs. Yesterday I had my dinner at 7.30 PM and slept at 10.30PM, around 1AM I experienced a mild pain below the best and above stomach for 30mins to 1hr. where im unable to sleep to either of left / right side (sideway sleep). When i pressed in the pain area, i felt pain in that region. I slept after some time didnt had any medicine or water. Morning when i waken at 6.30AM, I feeling pain on right of the hernia region (below stomach – I had hernia operation at the age of 11 and testicular torrision operation at age of 20 – right side). Frequenly i used to feel pain in this hernia region ((mild- severe at times either on right or left of hearnia region) ). Please help me on this and suggest me the treatment / measure that to be taken for this pain

Symptoms: Pain in hernia region / pain below chest and above stomach