Pain in Hips, Tail Bone and Legs

Patient: Started having tailbone pain about three years ago. XRays and CT scan were normal. Problems persisted on and off since. March 2011 pain became unbearable. MRI was negative. Pain doctor said it was SI joint inflammation. He pressed on hip joints and ever since then I have had severe pain in hips and back of legs. I did a series of three cortisone injections. Helped a little. They want to do a nerve oblation, but I want to take care of the problem, not mask the pain. Other symptoms I have are numbness and tingling in feet, mostly left side, and some in legs, pain down the back of each leg that feels like arthritis pain; extreme cold from the knees down in both legs which started last Winter, and I have some lower back pain as well.ThanksLuther L. Lasure