Pain In knees, cartilage weak

Patient: My name is Abhinav, I am a with 25 years of age. I am working as software engineer.I am having pain in both of my knees for around 7 months now.I have visited orthopaedic doctor and had my tests done.I had my blood tests done in Aug last year. Reports were as follows:a. Calcium : 9.75 md/dlb. Vitamin B-12: 131 pg/mlc. 25-OH Vitamin D: 15.86 ng/mlDoctor told me that cartilage have got weak and Some medicines were given to me.After 3 months, pain became loss and doctor told that it is getting better.I was asked to continue physiotherapy and control my weight. I have reduced my weight from 70 kgs to 67 kgs.But for last two weeks pain has started again.I use to wear knee caps which gives comfort up to some extent.Also, I have been asked to not use steroids as I am allergic to it and it causes severe skin issues to me.Please advise some cure so that it can be healed.Also please let me know foods to be taken and to be avoided and to be restricted.ThanksAbhinav Shankar

Symptoms: Pain in Knee,