Pain in left side neck, arm, shoulder & back

Patient: I’ve constant pain in my left side neck, shoulder, arm & back. Exactly i’m not able to locate the pain sometimes but in upper back near spine bone & left shoulder muscle, neck left side & tricep on left arm & elbow front portion with ring finger whenever i press, gives me relaxation. Please help me.

Symptoms: Pain in left side neck, arm, shoulder & back

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor. The pain that you have described appears to be chest pain with referred to the shou lder and arm.The causes of this pain can be:1. Cardiac Chest Pain2. Musculoskeletal Pain3. Acid Peptic Disease4. Lung Infections or Lung related DiseasesIt is important to rule out Cardiac causes of Chest Pain. Thus, you should head to the nearest Hospital and get an ECG done. Explain to the Doctor that you are having Chest Pain. If the Clinic or Hospital is far away, please take 1 tablet of Aspirin. Aspirin is a blood thinner and will help to restore blood flow in the heart.Musculoskeletal Chest Pain is due to swelling of the muscle. This pain can be reduced by icing the area locally.Acid Peptic Disease, also known as Heartburn, is caused by acid reflux. You can treat this effectively by taking Antacid medications.Lung Infections or Lung Diseases such as Bronchitis and Asthma can cause Chest Pain. Please consult a Chest Physician for further treatment and advice.Wish you good health!