Pain in Left side with high Amylase and Lipase

Patient: I recently went to my GP with a pain on my lower left side, below the ribcage, I was all so having a lot of bloating/gas and diarrhea, with urgency. And all the symptoms of a UTI. When they collected my urine sample there was a large quantity of blood in my urine but no white blood cells, they assumed it was a kidney stone (Which I have had in the past and sent me for a CT scan without contrast and a CBC and a comprehensive metabolic panel.The CT scan showed no kidney stones but my labs came up with elevated Amylase and Lipase. I was worried and went to the ER the next day after it was assumed I had acute pancreatitis (I am not and have never been a drinker) but when they ran the same labs at the ER the levels were down. I’m still having all the same symptoms, and my last 2 urine sample all so had blood in them. (I was not menstruating, I had the Nexplanan but in in October and have not had a period since then.) The GP said the urine samples were cloudy, with blood, but there were no white blood cells indicating an infection, all 3 samples they stated were contaminated. I would like to add that I have been all so experiencing joint pain and muscle twitches for the past couple years, which may be unrelated.I have now been referred to a Urologist. Any ideas what this may be?I still have the dull ache in my side, not as bad as before but with all the symptoms stated above and I still have the symptoms of an UTI.

Symptoms: High Amylase and Lipase on CBC
Blood in Urine (No white blood Cells)
Diarrhea, bloating, gas
UTI symptoms, no UTI indicated.