Pain In Mouth After Eating Sour Stuff?

Patient: I think what I have is a clogged salivary gland. Anytime I eat anything sour, i get a very strong, stinging kind of pain right behind my ear lobes on both sides. But I am unsure? How do I confront my doctor about it? Please help, my favorite kind of food is sour stuff, and anytime I eat it I cringe in pain! I am really paranoid. Is there anyway to determine if it is a clogged salivary gland without going to the doctor? If I have to go to the doctor to determine for sure, how do they test it? I’ve had these pains ever since I was 11. I’m 16 now. And If I push on the spot where it hurts, it hurts extremely bad, but it also makes the pain go away a lot faster.

Symptoms: Pain behind earlobes when eating something sour.

Doctor: You are having pain in mouth and behind ears after consuming sour foods. You suspect it is because of salivary glands. Y ou are partially correct. This type of symptoms are seen in sensitive tooth and salivary gland pathology like parotitis, obstruction of salivary ducts, stones in glands, infection in salivary gland, etc. It is rarely seen in vitamin deficiencies, GERD, etc. Consult a ENT surgeon and explain the same, as you mentioned here. Firstly you must be examined by the doctor in person and followed by few investigations like X-ray, CT scan or ultrasound, etc can diagnose the condition. Then you will be treated accordingly.

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