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Pain in my left lower abdomen

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I have been having pain in my lower left side for several weeks now...it will hurt bad for 3 or 4 days and then it will go away a couple of days...I've had a hysterectomy so I don't have an overy on that side...I don't know what organs are on that side...I've had a colonostomy about 6 months ago and only had a couple of polops that they removed...so I can't figure out what would be on that side that would be hurting....it hurts terrible when I walk, the jarring of walking makes it hurt worse...it's about half way between my navel and my left hip down low.....I know you don't know for sure but if you could give me some idea of what could be hurting on that side...I don't even know what kind of Doctor I need to go to...my family Doctor said he couldn't find anything wrong, but something is hurting....thank you so much....


From the description of pain, there could be a possibility of formation of adhesions, either following removal of the polyps or hysterectomy. Adhesions are bands of tissue that form between abdominal tissues and organs, causing them to stick together restricting movements or function of the involved organs. Adhesions may not produce symptoms at first but with time, they become larger and tighter, causing problems years after surgery. You may contact your surgeon for examination and diagnosis of any abdominal or pelvic adhesions if present. Laproscopic examination of the abdomen may be required for diagnosis.


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