Pain in neck and lower back

Patient: Why do i get this pulsating pain in my lower back and the back of my neck. It is very painful but only last for about 15 seconds. It usually happens when I stand up and happens a couple of time a day

Symptoms: Pain in my lower back and the back of my neck, right under my head

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Your pain could possibly be due to nerve compression in your cervical spine which is causi ng this pain. Since you recently gave birth three months ago, and if you received epidural anesthesia you may be experiencing side effects of this procedure. This occurs when cerebrospinal fluid leaks out of the site of injection of the epidural. We cannot comment any further on this because we do not know your entire medical history. It is for this reason we are recommending that you follow up with your doctor and have a thorough examination performed to determine the cause of your pain.Thank you for choosing