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Pain in Right Shoulder with Numbness of Right Hand Fingers

Dear Ask The Doctor:
What could be the cause of sudden sharp pains in my right shoulder blade area,that result in tingling fingers and numbness in my right hand. i can feel a tight area around the right shoulder blade area that is sensitive..a press of the finger on that spot will bring me to my knees..whats going on?


The numbness in your right hand and the pain in the shoulder as you described might be due to a cervical nerve compression (C7-C8), but it would be important to rule out inflammation of the peripheral nerves at the level of the arm and hand. In the younger patients, cervical radiculopathy may be a result of a disc herniation or an acute injury causing impingement of an exiting nerve. In the older patient, cervical radiculopathy is often a result of spinal canal narrowing from bone (osteophyte) formation, decreased disc height and degenerative changes due to aging process. The same described before for the cervical spine applies to the lower back in terms of cause of pain and numbness in the legs, same causes, different spinal level. Also might be important rule out Fibromyalgia because according with your description most likely those sharp pains in your shoulder muscles are localized contractures called: trigger points,  when you touch or rub them they produce (“trigger”) pain. Fibromyalgia is a widespread or global pain, it can start in one site , as in your case  in the back, but becomes generalized pain for more than 3 months of duration, it can affect individuals of any age, and more women than men, but just the 2% of the general population in US meet the criteria to be diagnosed of Fibromyalgia.
The treatment strategy usually includes: physical therapy program aimed to reduce pain and inflammation, and the use of anti-inflammatory drugs (as ibuprofen), also a re-education of habits and posture of the patients to improve quality of life. You should be independent in a stretching and strengthening program and continue with these exercises under the periodic supervision of a physical therapist initially and then completely on their own. If your condition fails to improve with a comprehensive rehabilitation program then selective injections should be presented with a surgical evaluation. Often, patients should show progressive improvement over the first 6-8 weeks with conservative treatment. If there is no significant improvement in this time frame, consider a surgical evaluation.

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Guest Says: I had the same problems and suffered for almost three months but finally diagnosed the same answer given by the dr. that I was suffering from Cervical Nerve Compression and slightly degenerative changes in C3 & C4, Got physiotherapy for this one for two weeks and feeling much better now.

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