Pain in right side along with nausea but no gallbladder stones

Patient: Around 3 weeks i been having pain in my rite side its almost constont i was checked awhile back for gallbladder stones no stones was found also i have a lot of nausua and lie on my rite side what can this be?

Symptoms: rite sided pain

Doctor: Pain in right abdomen could be due to gall stones, gall bladder pathologies, , liver pathologies, intestinal obstruction s, GI cancers, GI perforation, diverticulosis, appendicitis, renal stones, renal pathologies, ovarian cysts and pathologies, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, obstructed hernias, etc. Further more most of these conditions are associated with nausea and vomiting. It would have been better if it was mentioned if it was right upper or right lower pain. You must be initially investigated with erect abdominal X-ray and ultrasonography for diagnosing the cause. If the pain is severe visit a nearby emergency, else consult a gastroenterologist for further management.

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Patient: Its upper under ribs Ive alredy had gallbladder checked awhile back no stones was found