Pain in shin and ankle area when exercising

Patient: I experience pain in my left shin ankle area right down the middle. The pain only comes when I am exercising on the treadmill and it is a sharp pain. This only happens on this one leg and as soon as Im off the treadmill it gradually goes away and only comes back when Im exercising again. What is this How do I treat it and prevent this from happening?

Doctor: The most probable cause of pain in your case could be due to strain on the tibialis anterior muscle (shin splits). The t ibialis anterior muscle is responsible for movements such as walking, running, kicking etc. Stress and strain on the muscle due to running of the treadmill is the likely factor leading to the pain.Treatment will include rest, ice, compression and elevation of the affected leg. NSAIDS will help relieve the symptoms. If the pain does not subside even after the medications, you may need to see your doctor to rule out compartment syndrome or a stress fracture which may present with similar symptoms.