Pain in shoulder

Patient: What causes pain in shoulder, neck and left arm

Doctor: Pain in shoulder, neck and left arm mostly could be due to nerve impingement seen in cerival vertebral diseases or any n erve impingement near neck like cervical rib. A neck X-ray must be done first to see any disc prolapse or cervical spondylosis. If it is associated with breathing or respiration problems it could be associated with cardiac conditions. Get an ECG done for safe side. Consult a physician for further management.

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Guest: I have severe humerus fracture with dislocation. I have plate and 8 screws in shoulder and arm.Also had second surgery adhesive capsulitis. It has been 2 years and now my arm is swelling and lots of pain. What is wrong? I fell from roof and hit stone porch. I broke ribs in chest,shoulder, wrist,elbow and neck.

Guest: I have also had disk replaced in my neck. 2 bryan disk…pain is worse now than it was before surgery. I’ve been put to sleep 23 times since my accident Feb. 2012 for surgery and several injections, blocks, nerve burns….My good arm also hurts worse than my injured shoulder and arm.

Guest: I have no life…hurts to sit up for any length of time. HELP!