Pain in testes and sides of stomach and lower abdomen.

Patient: Hello! I’m 26yr old male who’s been having a dull aching pain in both testicles for about a month now. Didn’t freak out till I ejaculated and semen was discolored with a brown-greenish tint with chunks in it. Ejaculated again a couple days later and there was blood in the semen. Thinking it could be a STD or prostate infection I saw a doctor immediately the same day and my urine test came back normal and I tested negative for chlamydia. I was prescribed Levofloxacin for 10 days to help with the pain and inflamation for my testes. The blood in the semen didn’t last long and finally disappeared. They recommended for me to get a sonogram and see a Urologist, however I’ve been so broke I could barely afford the doctor visit. Felt better for about a week then the pain returned in my testes as well as pain in the sides of my stomach and lower abdomen sometimes causing shortness of breath. Doesn’t usually hurt to urinate, ejaculate, or poop but every once in a while I’ll get a pain in my lower stomach after peeing. My lower stomach region feels very tight and pressured, almost like I’m bloated or gassy making it difficult to take deep breaths resulting in bruises around my stomach from pushing on it due to the pain. My semen color went back to normal but sometimes is on the chunky side. Stomach and testicle symptoms are getting worse ­čÖü Any help or advice on how to take care of this medically and/or naturally would be great! Thanks.

Doctor: Thank you for your question.I agree with the initial management and testing. You have to keep in mind that prostate and epidymous infections other that chlamdia/gonnoreah rarely show up in conventional testing and many doctors will treat for an infection empirically without even waiting for the test results to return.An ultrasound is not always required but is required if the the pain is severe, the testicles are hard, there is a significant difference in size, there is a history of undescended testicles or the symptoms are recurrent.In your case, an ultrasound should be done and it should include both the male genital organs and prostate. The abdominal symptoms seem to be connected and should only be investigated as a second issue if symptoms do not resolve with course are often longer than the initial course and are typically prescribed for 1 month.I hope this was helpful.