Pain in testes,lower back and stomache

Patient: Maleage 25blood group ab+ve183 cm tall84 kg weightHaving a pain in lower abdomen ,testes,and lower back for past 3 or 4 years now and then.Pain means kind of dull or numbness and tightness … back becomes too tight and testes ll harder if touched with hand..When this pain comes ?1.when i am sexually arosed too much and erection for long time and didn’t masturbate .2.when i am not masturbating for some days , it ll come even without a sexual arousal .The strange thing is , the pain ll go off within 30 mins ,if masturbated immediately .if i didn’t masturbated the pain ll stay for the night and after a night sleep there ll be no pain inthe morning next day but the pain ll come again after the eveningnote :my posture is badlifestyle most of the time sittingand i began masturbating from age of 14 and i regularly masturbate once a day from the age of 14

Symptoms: kind of dull pain(like tightness) in lower back , lower abdomen and in testes .