Pain in testis

Patient: I am a 27 year old male from India. I have occasional shooting pain in my left testis. It began about twenty years back when I got hit there and it became alright after getting the necessary treatment. But it has recurred last year. Now I get frequent pain in my testis, especially if I touch it, or travel in my motor bike through guttered roads. I wish to have permanent cure for the problem. What can be the cause of this? Can it be varicocele? Whose help should I seek in the matter? Is it a matter pertaining to urology? Kindly help me with a reply at the earliest.

Doctor: Pain and tenderness in the testis is usually the result of a varicocele or spermatocele. A varicocele is small collectio n of blood vessels while a spermatocele is a similar collection but instead of blood vessels, there are spermatic vessels. You should be examined by a urologist to confirm the diagnosis. There is the small possiblity that the pain could be from testicular cancer, however, testicular cancer rarely causes pain.