Pain in the left side of my Back

Patient: I have a sharp pain in the left side of my back under my shoulder blade. I can’t stand up straight (with my left shoulder slumping below the right).It started this afternoon, with the pain becoming worse this evening.

Symptoms: Sharp constant pain.

Doctor: Hi.Noted your history of sharp pain in the back below the left shoulder blade, making it unable to stand up straight . The pain is progressive since afternoon.Considering your age group, this appears to be muscular and must have been caused by the sudden jerk or so while doing some work or so.I would advise you the following:- Take a hot shower.- Apply a local Rubefacient liniment, which gives local warmth and relaxes muscle.-Anti-inflammatory medicines with painkiller property like Ibuprofen if it suits you, to be taken 8 hourly with food and PPI like Omeprazole.- Sling to the left elbow and forearm, so that the weight of that limb is transferred to the neck on opposite side thereby relaxing the muscles completely.- If all these thing give you relaxation, continue on with the same and take bed rest.If no complete relief, visit your Doctor for clinical evaluations, examination, investigations if needed and get further additional treatment.