Pain in the left side of the body after overworking

Patient: My wife 29years old, no medical past. We have been working demolitioning our house that we just bought and she over did the work amount one day and that night she notice that her whole left side of her body hurts, to touch, move, etc. She does not appear that she had a stroke or anything, I assume she may pinched a nerve or something like that. Any suggestions or medication adivice and well she recover from this.




Doctor: Your wife is a young woman, apparently with no previous history of vascular or nerve problems; she was performing a very demanding physical activity, then it is expected to be sore if she is not used to that kind of effort in a daily basis, also, if she is not careful, some muscle and tendon injuries may occur. The reasons for the injuries include increased physical activity all the sudden  without proper conditioning (overuse), a lack of warm-up, lack of flexibility or overdoing one strenuous activity ( example, lifting weights) rather than working various muscle groups through progressive workouts or exercise in a regular basis. This is similar to what happen to the people that perform little to no exercise during the week and then tries to make up for it on the weekend: “weekend warriors”. Injuries found in the weekend warrior population can include both traumatic injuries and overuse injuries by the same reasons that I mentioned above. I recommend slow down the effort, take anti inflammatory medication, but in the case that the pain persists or worsens and maybe other symptoms appear I strongly recommend you to take her to the doctor to rule out some other more serious causes of pain.

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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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