Pain in the lower back and going down to the legs with previous history of spinal fusions

Patient: I have been have been waking up every morning for about 3 months with severe pain in my lower right back, and it seems to be relieved once i got to the bath room after about 20 minutes. what could this be? it seems to have been getting worse over the past 2 weeks and if i cant go to the restroom right away it will no go away, my stomach looks bloated and i have recently had to buy all nes pants because suddenly nothing fits. i also feel the pain going down my legs. Pleasse help and tell me what this is or what it could be..

Doctor: With your previous history of two spinal fusions and the symptoms that you described I strongly recommend  you to have e a re evaluation by your orthopedic surgeon or spine surgery specialist to rule out more serious problems to the spine, as for example new nerve compressions and nerve damage.