November 17, 2018

Pain in throat when swallowing or yawning

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Patient: Hi I am 21 years old male, today is the fourth day I have had pain in my throat which is mainly when I swallow and yawn (I don’t really have any pain outside swallowing or yawning maybe very slight but not noticeable), I don’t really mean when I swallow food I just mean like swallow saliva. I can take some Beechams cold and Flu to relieve some pain but I am very curious to what is going on in my throat. I thought this pain would get better by today but it kept me up a bit last night and I have tried some remedies along with the Beechams such as gargling salt water but the pain is still there, I have booked an appointment with my GP for tomorrow but I am anxious about my health so was hoping you can tell me what to expect. Thanks.

Symptoms: Pain when swallowing / yawning

Doctor: You seem to be suffering from an Upper Respiratory tract infection (URTI) that could be an acute Pharyngitis or Tonsillitis. The pain during swallowing even saliva is very classical feature of URTI. In most cases, it is a self-limiting condition but as in your case it has been there for more than 4 days, I would recommend following:

1. An antibiotic like Azithromycin or Amoxycillin for a duration of around 5 days.

2. An anti-Allergic like Levocetrizine with decongestant like Pseudoephedrine which would help in congestion and pain.

3. To do warm saline gargles and use Betadine gargles.

4. Take Paracetamol for fever if you get any.

5. You should drink plenty of hot fluids including ginger tea, warm water to provide a fomentation inside your throat that would help in reducing the swelling and pain too.

My patients are responding very well within 5 days of the above-discussed treatment plan.

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Patient: Hi there thanks for you answer it seems very sound and logical, It can’t be something sinister then like throat cancer I have a great fear of it since losing my mum a few years ago thanks a lot.

Doctor: Hi, Relax, these are symptoms of Upper respiratory tract symptoms. We consider cancer only in cases, where there is weight loss, persisting symptoms.

Take treatment as advised, you would be fine with in a week. Best of luck.

Patient: Hi there so yesterday was the first day I thought my throat was improving which was good I still went to my GP and he looked in my mouth felt my neck looked in my hears and said all was fine and the pain would fade completely in a few days he did’nt give me antibiotics since it was going on its own.

Last night the pain was completely gone but now it feels like theres something in my throat which isn’t interfering with breathing or anything just feels kind of weird, more noticeable when I swallow saliva etc It made falling asleep a little hard, This morning I woke up and thought it was gone but after a while of been up and having some water I realize its still there and kind of annoying? Is this normal after an infection is clearing up? How long should it last it makes me feel like not eating right now kind of like I have food in my throat.

Doctor: Hi. This is a sign of Pharyngitis. Do warm saline gargles. It would also respond with in 3-5 days. These days Viral fever recovery takes 5-7 days to before you get back into normal shape.

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