Pain months after knee surgery

Patient: I had a lateral release almost 4 months ago, and everything was going fine with recovery, up until the past few weeks. They told me I would continue to have pain and limited motion for up to a year… I was doing well, but now it’s like I never had the surgery.. In fact, the pain is a lot worse, and even simple bending on my right knee sends shots of pain running through my knee to my leg. What could be going on with my knee? Is this normal? I’ve made an appointment for a second opinion, since my doctor keeps throwing physical therapy and tells me to take ibuprofen, but none of that has worked.. In fact, it doesn’t touch the pain, and makes it worse when I do therapy. I don’t know what to do anymore. ­čÖü

Symptoms: Immense pain upon walking, especially up stairs. Pain when bending. Pain when straightening out my knee.