Pain on left side on top of my rib cage

Patient: Constant pain on my left side on top of my rib cage.

Symptoms: Constant pain,if i breath to loud, coughing, sneezing, laughing, when im trying to get out of bed or when im lying down, pain when i turn on my sides.

Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD.At this age, Ischemic heart disease is uncommon cause for chest pain. It may be due to musc uloskeletal in origin. If it is due to heart disease, pain is aggravated on exertion and relieved by rest; associated with breathlessness, sweating, palpitation, nausea, etc. If the pain is due to musculoskeletal or due to other reasons, it will have local tenderness (pain on pressure), aggravated by movement.Based on these characters, consult your physician if you still suspect heart disease. Musculoskeletal pain is better by stretching exercises and can use pain killer medication available OTC. Hope it is helpful in solving your query and wish you all the best.