Pain on left side, worse when breathing with coughing

Patient: About 3 months ago, I had very severe bronchitis. I had extreme coughing bouts and mucus production and the bronchitis took 3 rounds of antibiotics over a month to clear up. I developed severe pain in the left side of my body, in the rib right below my breast and a feeling more inside my body directly on the side of my body. The pain is constant, and worsened when I breathe in. At the time, my primary told me I had costocondritis, and I begged her for pain killers but she told me she didnt believe in perscribing them. I was given naproxen and predisone, neither of which helped. At this point, 3 months later, the pain is still there. It is tender to the touch under my left breast, and hurts more on the inside on the pain directly on the left side. I feel very short of breathe and am still having severe coughing fits, but they are non-productive. The coughing fits are worsened by talking and shortness of breathe is worsened when lying down. The pain has started radiating into my back. I am also extremely tired, sleeping about 3-4 hours a day on top of my 8 hours at night. My chest xray was clear of a rib fracture, and I have had anemia before and my hemoglobin was normal as of 2 months ago. I can’t get in to see a pulmonolgist for a month, so Im wondering if a store bought inhaler would offer me any reliefe or not. Thanks for your help!