Pain, “pop and crack” in the knees in a female football player

Patient: Hi, I have been suffering from sore knee’s for over a week now. I am 24 and play football (female). I find it hard to explain the problem with them. When i bend them to go to sleep I cant but them straight again with out feeling some kind of spasm. It a weird kind of spasm pain that is like a pop and crack in my knee’s along with the pain. I take vit.c cod live tablets on a daily occurance. I feel like I am restricted to what i can do some as bending down and moving. What could be the problem? Thank You.

Doctor: The acute knee pain and related symptoms may be caused by damage to one or more of the soft tissue structures that stabi lize and cushion the knee joint (ligaments, muscles, tendons, bursae and menisci). Meniscus injuries are a common problem in sports as football and in young active individuals; they are the most frequent injury to the knee joint. The menisci are C -shaped fibrocartilaginous structures attached to the tibia and their main functions to enhance the contact between the two articular surfaces of the knee: femur and tibia ones. The thick outline of menisci allows for a firm attachment to the joint capsule. A indicator of menisci lesion is a click or snaps after the joint unlocks, it may be or not associated with pain. A sensation of giving way may occur when the loose fragment becomes lodged for a moment in the knee joint, causing a sense of buckling. Spontaneous healing is common because of the rich blood supply in the menisci periphery. Successful recovery from a menisci tear is helped by a gradual resolution of symptoms over 6 weeks with a return to normal activity by 3 months. Many menisci tears may heal spontaneously. To rule out this possibility and if the pain and the pop/crack continue I recommend you  get a clinical (orthopedic surgeon) and Imaging (MRI) evaluation of your knee.