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Pain post arthroscopic shoulder surgery

Patient: This is an orthopedic question. I had arthroscopic surgery for an anterior impingement. The bursa’s been removed. However, the anterior pain is still there, and the surgeon believes it is because my shoulder blade is positioned slightly forward as the cause.After physio to try to correct this, he’s now recommending scapular taping for a period to get me used to pulling my shoulder(s) back. I’ve found very little on this on the net. What’s the word on scapular taping? Can I find anything on it?Thanks so much




Doctor: Results are generally good for properly selected middle-aged patients with evidence of impingement on history and physic al examination and at the time of arthroscopy. Generally, arthroscopic subacromial decompression results in a good return to the previous level of function in approximately 85-90% of patients; however, results are generally poor in young high-performance athletes who participate in overhead activities. Treatment without surgery is reported to have a success rate of 40%-90%, depending on the age of the person and the extent of the injury. Those having surgical repair have a high rate of recovery. One study found 94% of the people were satisfied after surgery with lasting relief of pain and improved functionAbout the term scapular taping to the extent of my knowledge and the medical literature reviewed there is no match for such terminology, I encourage you to ask your doctor about its meaning.


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