Pain still after abortions two months on

Patient: Ok, long story but I will try to cut it short!I had a medical abortion on 5th November of last year. I was in so much pain for weeks after and still had a lot of symptoms going on. I went back and found out that it was incomplete – it hadn’t worked! then had to have a surgical abortion – horrible. I wish I had never had any – however I did so… after this procedure I was extremely moody etc and upset – all hormonal I understand. Towards the end of December until about middle of Jan, I had chronic headaches – luckily they have gone now. I had about two days of bleeding in January. I then started to have severe back pain and abdominal pain on approx 6th Feb, this hasn’t gone. I have done a pregnancy test – negative – had swabs – negative etc etc. I then had a period one week early, lasting approx 6 days. I have been on the pill throughout the hole thing – hence why I had the abortion – I did not want children. I should be on my period from yesterday and now there is nothing. Still having severe back pain and abdominal pain – frequent urination etc. It is really annoying now – trying to stay positive however cannot help worrying etc.Please advise.Many thanks:)