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Pain three months after hemorrhoid surgery.

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I had surgery about three months ago for internal hemorrhoids. I am still in a lot of pain. I have another appointment in two weeks. Is it possible they left staples in me? I have been back to the doctor numerous times and the only thing that helps with the pain is laying in the tub. I work and attend college so the tub relief can be used when I am home.


It is not uncommon for other peri-anal conditions to be associated with hemorrhoids, These conditions include anal fissure and fistulas which may be quite painful. If your surgeon has not investigated you for these conditions, he/she should.
Depending on the type of hemorrhoid surgery you had, it is possible that staples were used. However, the use of staples is not know to cause chronic pain after surgery unless there was inadvertent damage to other structures such as nerves.
There is also the possibility that your current problems are completely unrelated to you r previous hemorrhoids. There is a condition called Proctalgia Fugax which presents as recurrent, acute pain in the anus which is sometimes relieved by a warm bath. This is certainly a possible explanation based on the symptoms you have described. On your next visit to the surgeon be sure to inform him/her of all your issues so that a thorough examination can be performed and the appropriate test ordered to elucidate the condition.

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