Pain while intercourse

Patient: I am 24 yr old male and having problem in penis from almost 1 yr. One yr ago I went to one doctor because my foreskin was very tight and I wasn’t able to stretch it and I had a lot of pain when I used to get erection for about 1 week. One day I was having some white liquid kinda stuff coming out from inner foreskin. After that liquid came out then i got little relief from erection pain and went to doctor on that day. Doctor gave me some cream to apply on it and some medicines to eat. Then after few days I was able to stretch my foreskin back. But it still used to hurt little. I went to doctor again but nothing helped. Now I am having problem while intercourse. When I get erection my inner foreskin doesn’t open which hurts while intercourse and when I try to open the inner foreskin when I am not having the erection then front of penis ( glans) bend and meatus blocks. And I am having one small cut in the back of glans at one nerve joining the glans from back. I am having few small pimples kinda thing on corona also.I went to one other doctor and he didn’t even listen my problem and just said to get circumcision.So tell me what should I do?