Painful and swollen tonsils

Patient: I seem to have bad allergy issues this time of yr. I just moved back to central Texas last November and for the past few weeks I’ve been very congested, achey ears, and tonsils so swollen it hurts to swallow. It feels worse when I lay down to sleep at night so I sometimes sleep propped up on the couch. After 2 weeks I finally felt better. I was okay for a whole week and now the swollen tonsils are back again. No congestion… But my right ear hurts a bit.Why haven’t I gone to a doctor, you are probably wondering. Well since I just moved back, I just started w a new employer and my health insurance benefits haven’t kicked in. I don’t have an extra few hundred buck for the office visit and prescriptions.My concern is the tonsils. I’ve never had this issue. Even as a child.2 weeks ago when this all started they did have some white spots but that was only for a few days. Currently they are just swollen. It doesn’t look like I have spots. It actually looks kind of pale pink. Maybe just a few red lines. Veins I’m assuming.

Symptoms: Currently – very swollen tonsils, pain when swallowing.

Doctor: You seem to be suffering from Acute on Chronic Follicular Tonsillitis. This condition requires a course of antibiotics, along with other supportive therapy for effective analgesia (pain relief). Antibiotics are not available Over-The -Counter and you would require a doctor’s prescription for the same. You should visit an ENT specialist for further advice. It is required that you get yourself evaluated at the earliest to avoid further ENT complications.