Painful headache while pregnant

Patient: Hi, I’m 39+2 pregnant and I’ve had a really painful headache for the last 15-16 hours, it’s mainly in my temples and goes across to my forehead, I’ve tried sleeping and taking panadol but it doesn’t seem to work at all. Just wondering if it’s something to be worried about seeming it’s starting to make me feel sick

Doctor: Hello,If the headache has been persistent since last 15-16 hrs and not getting relieved by Panadol or other local mea sures like steam inhalation, then it becomes imperative that your blood pressure needs to be checked for gestational hypertension. This manifests as headache in pregnancy and if not diagnosed earlier, then indicate towards preeclamptic changes in pregnancy which would require certain immediate measures to control high BP to avoid jeopardizing fetal status.It is strongly advised that you may visit your ER sooner and get evaluated for pre-eclamsia and high blood pressure.I hope I have answered your query,wishing you a safe pregnancy,Regards