Painful labia minora with bumps.

Patient: I have 3 cut looking lesions on my labia minora they are in a oval shape on the side of them there is a white lesion which is not raised but hurts alot especially when touched. My symtoms are.. -abdominal pain -difficulty urinating -painful urination Te last time I had sex was 1 week ago

Doctor: Genital sores in the labia are often caused by sexually transmitted infections, which may include chancroid, genital her pes, granuloma inguinale, molluscum contagiosum, syphilis and genital warts. You may have to see your doctor/gynecologist for a complete blood count, microscopy and culture of the lesion and VDRL test. The treatment will depend on the type of organism found, which may include antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals or corticosteriods. I would suggest that your partner use condoms during this time. You partner may also be required to test for an STI if you are found positive.