Painful popping in front of groin from several years.

Patient: Hi, my groin has been painfully popping for several years now. I was told I might have a labral tear. What are the success rates for the relevant kind of surgery? Thanks!

Symptoms: Groin popping, very painful.

Doctor: Hi,Thank you for writing to Ask The Doctor.A Labral Tear is a tear in the ring of Labral cartilage. The Labral c artilage covers the socket of the hip-joint.Symptoms of a Labral tear are:1. A clicking sound in the hip-joint2. Decreased mobility of the hip3. Pain in the hip-jointA Labral tear usually occurs in athletes due to injury to the hip.Treatment of a Labral tear can involve:- Treatment with NSAIDs like Ibuprofen or Naproxen- Physiotherapy or massage to reduce the swelling- Arthriscopic surgery via small incisions to speed up recoveryChance of success of surgery depends on a case to case basis. However, if follow-up is proper and the patient does not rush to get back to sport, the recovery will usually be complete.