Painful second erection

Patient: Hello, After i ejaculate – if I get another erection afterwards – it is painful/uncomfortable.

Symptoms: Whether I ejaculate with a partner or by masterbation, if I manage to get another erection any time afterwards (even if hours apart) the second erection always seems painful. The only kind of remedy i have is to urinate as soon as possible after ejaculating. This relieves some pain from the second erection. I can no longer ejaculate (with partner/by myself) at night especially close to bed time as this causes me to wake up in the middle of the night with painful erections. again the only remedy is to manage to urinate – almost like “washing” the system out seems to help. This has been happening for at least a year now.
On a side note i have these kind of little pimples on my scrotum. they are on the skin of the scrotum, small and painless and very hard if you squeeze them. They almost feel “permanent” as i have had some for quite some time now and they are very rough and “un-squeezable/un-poppable” while other ones i am able to squeeze a white substance out of them every once in awhile – but they dont go away, they just manage to “fill up” and i can squeeze a little bit out of them. A few years ago I managed to squeeze this yellowish substance out of it and part of the “scrotal cyst sac” was still hanging out – i went to the doctor and she said it was a cyst – later i went to the hospital to get it cut off and stitched up. still have a scar but it never returned afterwards – however a few other ones have appeared. i have maybe 10 total – 2 being “unpoppable” and the others i am able to squeeze out every once in awhile but the “cyst/pimple” itself does not go away.
Not sure if these 2 issues are related