Painful sex and loss of lubrication

Patient: I have been with my boyfriend for over a year and a half. He seems to have a higher sex drive than me and I know there are individual differences but to me if it happens great and if not its not the end of the world. When we have sex it appears to be much more pleasurable for him than me, and after I orgasm within 15 minutes I seem to lose lubrication and it is very hard for me to get it back. Also if intercourse occurs for a long duration of time I start to get sore, more so on the outside (the labia area) rather than the actual vagina. It is very rare for us to be able to have sex more than 2 times in one day, or sometimes even 2 times due to pain and penetration issues. All my muscles in that area seem very tense no matter what I do, even if it is the first time in that day. I am just no sure if there is something wrong

Symptoms: Pain in the labia area, muscle tension in the whole area