Painful small cuts-like in anus

Patient: What condition am I suffering from in my anus?I had itching after bowel movements, at some point I shoved a finger inside my anus and rubbed it pretty aggressively which helped and calmed it down. A day after it turned into pain that I feel after bowel movements. I took a pic and it seems like there are small cuts, fissure like.I’m in a relationship for 3 years, I don’t suspect of cheating. I do anal sex, not always using lube. I’m young and healthy, I do sports and I’m fit.Last time I did anal sex was 3 days prior the itching, the days before it I did eat some acidic food. I never had that condition before and I’m a little worried.Is it anal fissure, or can it be a sex disease?Thank you very much.

Symptoms: Pain, small cuts in the perianal of my anus. Pain goes away after 1-2 hours.

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