Painful , soreness , ongoing, female issues

Patient: I have been to four drs at this point , I started out having what i thought was a yeast infection, the first dr (my 5 yr physican ) treated me for yeast , the next month it was back … 2nd visit he did lab for yeast it showed neg. but he again treated for yeast , 3rd he tested me for all kinds of std. neg and at this point i notice and advise that this itching and blistering was also happening in my hair , in my hair line, and spots would come up on my face , they also itched but would only be there for a few mins to maybe hr , the ones in my hair stayed longer perhaps because i did scratch at them longer and harder , this was going on 4 month now. I when to new Dr she also has ran all the same test still nothing urethra will get tiny blisters then become inflamed (anti fungals seem to hold it at bay ) but it seems as if when they are used to keep this part under control , the other head and face seem to have more or a outbreak …. very frustrated please help……………………..oh also saw a dermatologist he called it follicutis but his cure wasn’t either (of course he looked at my hair for a total 3 min visit …

Symptoms: Itching , redness, swelling , pain