Paining to heel and anklet

Patient: Hi doctorI have pains of heel side where the small type stone pinched ( but not created wound or bleeding) at least three times on the same point during the three months last year while jogging.Doctor has examined the x-ray and clarified that there is no spur or any hair fracture. Doctor has prescribed me piroxicam tab, Vitamin E cap, Nise Gel (Nimesulide/Methyl Salicylate/Menthol/Capsaicin) but still there is not relief.Besides this, my anklet of same leg sprained three times during the morning exercise.Now I am also getting pain to my knee side as total weight comes there. Please advice me further treatment of tips.Manoj Kapade(Nashik)Inida-Maharashtra

Symptoms: acute paining

Doctor: Thank your question. Since you have had multiple ankle sprains it could be a possibility that you are developing arthri tis in this joint. Your unstable ankle, and pain has put extra strain on your knee resulting in pain there as well. An MRI of your ankle joint may be required in order to assess the effect of the multiple sprains. You can treat your pain with over the counter medications such as ibuprofen. We also recommend that you choose a lower impact for of exercise such as swimming or the elliptical trainer in order to reduce the impact on your joints.Thank you for choosing