Painless knot between neck and left shoulder

Patient: Hi, I have a lump between my neck and shoulder it just showed up 4 days ago out of no where, right after I felt the lump My neck got stiff and it felt like my throat was closing and that I couldn’t breath, I went to the emergency room and they did x-rays and everything nothing showed up on the x-ray to explain what it was, but it’s still there, there’s no pain to it and there’s ok more neck stiffness. Do you sorta have an idea of what it could be? Is it HIV? Is it cancer? A skin condition?

Symptoms: No pain, no symptoms

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for choosing “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.The region between the neck and the shoulder has l ot many lymph nodes and they may get enlarged if there is any infection or inflammation in the hand or throat. This shows up as a lump and may or may not be tender. It feels rubbery in consistency and generally doesn’t show up in x-rays and it has no bone or blood content. It can also lead to neck stiffness and throat discomfort. It doesn’t seem to be an HIV/Skin cancer / skin condition as the presenting symptom of these conditions is not a lump.You may require some antibiotics like amoxycilline and some anti-inflammatory agents like paracetamol. Mostly this should recover in 3-5 days.Do seek a physician consult and discuss the mentioned possibility.Hope I am able to answer your concerns.Wish you good health!