Painless, soft lump in lower right abdomen

Patient: On my right side, I have a soft, painless, movable lump (no bigger than a grape) directly below my waistline, right under the skin. It seems to be attached to the fat that is directly beneath my skin. I believe it has been there for at least a year, maybe less. Is it anything to be concerned about?EDIT:Edit: 12/11/2014- I just saw my doctor today and she alleviated my fears and confirmed for me that it’s just fatty tissue. This question no longer needs to be answered. Thank you, though!

Symptoms: N/A

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor . This lump could be lipoma which is the excess growth of the fatty tissue . It is a benign tumor and generally not very harmful. The treatment would be surgical excision of the lipoma if it starts to create problems or if it is needed for cosmetic reasons . A biopsy would confirm the diagnosis showing excess of adipose tissue. Hope this information was helpful