Patient: Hi, I have a very short torso and as my ribs being only a few inches above hip bones. If I slouch, they rub together and sometimes when i sleep in certain positions i feel as if when i bend sideways it hurts and feels uncomfottable as if i don’t have room to turn side ways and I’m vert frustrated as my torso is so short that the fat has no where else to go and packs on all round my torso making me look fat. I also feel that all my organs on the side are squished together because there is no room!I feel there is nothing I can do about this, does a short torso cause these problems? and will there be any complications for me?is there anything I can do?ThanksEmilia

Symptoms: pains

Doctor: Thank you for your question. There is no way to actually change the structure of your torso as this is genetically prede termined. However what you can do to alleviate this pain that you are feeling is to practice some stretching techniques to increase the flexibility and range of motion of your torso. Furthermore, it you may benefit from sessions with a physiotherapist who can further assist in helping with your pain. What we are trying to aim at is allowing you to overcome this issue by increasing the overall flexibility of this region. If the pain is very severe, we recommend that you see your doctor to be be further evaluated for any deformities of your spinal column such as scoliosis which can be causing you to experience this pain in your torso.Thank you for choosing