Pains & Abnormal Feelings In The Vaginal Area

Patient: I’ve been going through some really odd things lately. For three months I’ve been having this stabbing, shooting pain going through my vagina. Every time I would drink soda or sugary drinks it would be uncomfortable and sometimes painful urinating. The symptoms went away for a while, then came back. I went to the emergency room and they tested my urine and said that it looked fine, but I’ve just been scared to death that it’s kidney stones/ bladder stones or a stone stuck inside of my vagina. I’ve just been really paranoid and I’d like some answers. Also it feels like sometimes there’s something in my vagina, kind of feels like a fart and when I sit a certain way the sensation either goes away or goes up, like there’s something in there. I’m really scared, can you tell me what’s wrong?

Symptoms: Shooting/stabbing pains in vagina. Feels like there’s something in there sometimes.