Pains In Vagina & leg

Patient: Hello, im 38 weeks and a half I have been having sharp pains in my leg for 2 days now where im limping and it hurt bed where I cant hardle sleep im aslo having sharp pains in my vagina can you tell me whats goin on???

Symptoms: Cramping leg pains, sharp vagina pains that come in goes

Doctor: HelloThanks for contacting for an opinion.At 38 weeks when the uterus and pregnancy has grown and is heavy then it may press over the sciatic nerve over either side and may give rise to shooting pain in the leg especially while standing or walking . As such the center of gravity is shifted forwards and the back has to sustain all the load to maintain the posture giving it a lordotic shape. It is suggested that you may start supporting your pregnancy with both hands while standing or walking so that sciatic compression is avoided.Nextly there are natural uterine contractions calked Braxton hick contractions which now become more percievable and during a contraction may give a feeling of heaviness over the cervical mouth which is often perceived as sharp vaginal pains.Sleep over your left side in a left lateral position so that aortic and venecaval compression is avoided and pain can be relieved.However if the pain persists then you may visit your physician for anexam and follow up.I hope I have answered your query in detail.Wishing you a safe outcome.Regards