Pancreas transplantation form living donor?

Patient: I am quite aware of pancreas transplants from deceased donors. But I was wondering, is there a way to donate a pancreas to someone with diabetes from a living donor? I was looking to donate my pancreas. I have searched both experimental procedures online like partial pancreas and even full pancreas transplants from live donors, but I have been unable to find any substantial evidence. So are either of these options possible? Thank you in advance.

Doctor: Pancreas transplants, at the moment, are restricted to individuals who have insulin-dependent diabetes. A complete pancr eas cannot be donated from a living donor, as the donor would not be able to live without their pancreas, However, a partial pancreas transplant from a living donor can be safely performed with good outcomes for both donor and recipient. The donor and recipient must undergo extensive testing to determine compatibility and ensure a safe outcome for both persons.